Our work in leading forensic science journal

The world’s most widely read forensic science journal, Forensic Science International, has recognised the calibre and expertise of GKAIG’s fire debris and forensic analysis, with a recently published article.

In its current edition, the Journal ran a comprehensive review by GKA Analytical Services Laboratory Manager and Forensic Fire Examiner, Alexander Visotin of the book, ‘Identifying Ignitable Liquids in Fire Debris: A Guideline for Forensic Experts, by Jeanet Hendrikse, Michiel Grutters and Frank Schäfer.

The book’s lead author, Hendrikse, is a skilled Dutch fire debris analyst whose work is highly regarded globally. Recognised by Alexander as a significant resource for practicing fire debris analysts, the book takes a very direct and technical approach, dealing almost exclusively with data interpretation.

You may read his review here.

This is Alexander’s second article to be published by a leading journal.

You may read about his first here.